Lisa Hilland creates contemporary design with a poetic twist,
combining modern high-tech production techniques with artisan quality craftsmanship.
After graduating from Central St Martin´s College of Art and Design, she worked ten years
as a designer in London before setting up her own studio in Sweden in 2005.
Her current clients include renowned furniture producers such as
Klong, Olby Design, Gärsnäs, Gemla, and Svenskt Tenn.

"Designer of the Year 2013"
Plaza Magazine Awards

"Furniture of the Year 2013"
Bow Chair, Gemla
Recidence Magazine Awards

“In order to prolong the life cycle of products I am looking to natural materials,
traditional production techniques, and craftsmanship for inspiration. My starting point for a project can be solving a challenge of practical or emotional nature, or simply exploring a technique of crafts or manufacture that fascinates me. The use of materials is crucial; I am constantly experimenting with the qualities of materials, making use of them in new combinations, and looking at how they can be applied to an object.

My aim is to create products that are sensitive to human emotions and needs, as well as the environment. I design for longevity in terms of quality, function, and aesthetics;
products that will be loved by one generation and then passed on to the next.

The creative process itself is another inspiration and the state of mind I'm in when working. Each project has its own unique progress, as important to me as the finished result. Enjoying the process and exploring new areas of knowledge, I believe is the key to all good design!”.

Design & copyright Lisa Hilland. Photo by Petra Bindel.