Flowerbed is a horizontal ceramic vase for making creative flower arrangements.
The vase makes an ideal gift and an eye-catching piece in any environment.
Flowerbed has been shown at several exhibitions in Milan, Stockholm and Paris.
Stockists include 'La Boutique Scandinave' in Paris, D.tales scandinavian
designstore in Dubai and Save the Children's fundraising web shop in Sweden.

"The idea behind Flowerbed is to create a minimal design that frames the beauty of nature. It has a sloping bottom, elevating the flower head and petals as they rest dry on top of the vase, with the water collected at the stalks at the other end. Flowerbed is fun and easy to style, whether you pick out some simple grass and ivy from the garden or use more exclusive store flowers - the possibilities are endless."

For more information and orders please contact Lisa Hilland.

Photos by Niklas Lundström