Kullaro in Lönsboda in southern Sweden produces objects in handmade magmatic diabase with passion for craftmanship and great quality. For Kullaro Lisa Hilland has created a collection of furniture, jewellery and accessories based on ‘hexahedrons’, cubic shapes:

“I started out this project with a great respect of this beautiful material, a material I have been longing to work with. By selecting a very a minimalist shape – a cube, I wished to emphasize the beauty of the diabase through giving it a high polish. That itself was a great starting point. Then I started to combine cubes in a dynamic pattern playing with negative space. This gave me the idea of the candelabra. For the jewellery on the other hand, I cut out sections of the cube and a sort of semicube – and a new shape was created. I have also been experimenting with different material combinations, it is great to see how the diabase changes it characteristics depending on what you material you combine it with, however, it is always beautiful I think. To me, that was the main aim with this project, to make the Diabase sparkle at it’s best.”

Photos by Den Nya Kartan, Pär Olofsson and Martin Olson