“When creating my candleholder Sprout, the glassblowers pushed the crystal's properties to the limit using gravity and by shaping the crystal by hand. It takes three glassblowers and six hands in focused teamwork to achieve this unique design. With the candleholder, I want to create a flowing shape, for the eye to follow, a bit like when I sketch, and the pen finds its way on the paper. I think the candleholder resembles a sprout that shoots up through the soil and finds its way toward the light. Each candleholder is slightly different from the others, with its own unique character. I love collaborating with the skilled craftsmen and glassblowers at Reijmyre.

“For more than 200 years, glass has been made at this location. Reijmyre glassworks is known for genuine craftsmanship and stylish design in both clear crystal and colored glass. Like the growing sprout pushing its way through the soil, I am stubborn and curious as I challenge the conventional. Pushing the limitations of materials to maximize their beauty in manufacturing processes is not new to me. As a designer, it has always been one of my strongest driving forces; it is as natural for me as for the seed to grow toward the light.”

NK Interior is pleased to present the 2023 edition of its annual Together design initiative and scholarship during Stockholm Design Week, showcasing experimental glass objects created in collaboration with Reijmyre Glassworks. Together, now in its second year, will also be a central part of Made in Sweden this year – a collaborative project and exhibition celebrating the strength of Swedish design, with a focus on sustainability, quality materials, and local production.

This year, the Together initiative is done in collaboration with the venerable Reijmyre Glassworks, maker of hand-crafted, decorative crystal glass for everyday use. The designers Lisa Hilland, Pia Wallén, Monica Förster, Jonas Bohlin, Maxjenny, Anki Gneib, and the 2022 Together scholarship holder Julie Amira have created glass objects to be presented exclusively at NK Interior.