Designer Lisa Hilland has her roots in Jämtland, Northern Sweden and remembers childhood clear winter nights, looking up to a star sprinkled sky hoping to catch the sight of Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

In many indigenous cultures in the polar regions, the Northern Lights are seen as the spirits of the ancestors. They believe that the lights are a sign of good fortune and that they have the power to heal and protect people from harm. In Japanese folklore, it is believed that if a woman becomes pregnant under the Northern Lights, her child will be blessed with good luck and fortune and bring good luck to the family.

When designer Lisa Hilland and founder Anna-Carin Stackelberg met, they found common ground not only in their shared passion for nature, but also in terms of their sense of quality and design. During one of their first meetings, Lisa presented the idea of taking inspiration from the Northern Lights to create a series of blankets. Anna-Carin loved the idea and a dialogue of design development followed. Stackelberg's profound experience of textile production, combined with the contemporary design style of Lisa Hilland resulted in the colourful Aurora series, highest quality and design, handmade in Italy.